We are the best bottle recycling depot in Sherwood Park. Our first and foremost goal is focused on Recycling of the bottles, we provide sustainable strategies and operations for every industry out there running and trying to take a step towards a better tomorrow. And this sustainability program of ours also helps in decreasing the negative effect of plastic on the environment. To take care of the health of our planet, we should dispense the plastics once it is used. We strive to yield the highest standards in recycling and help the environment by providing convenient and outstanding services for our consumers to return their empty glass bottles, cans, and other beverage containers. Every step and every service provided at a recycling depot in Sherwood Park is a small step towards the betterment of the future of every single individual on the planet.



We collect several types of bottles to recycle

Plastic 100%
Glass 100%
Aluminium 100%
Cans 100%
Metal 100%