About us

FIR Street Bottle Depot provides the best bottle recycling services in Canada acquired by Joga Punian and Kelly Dhadwal for over 18 years.

FIR Street Bottle Depot provides the best bottle recycling services in Canada acquired by Joga Punian and Kelly Dhadwal for over18 years. Here we recycle all the beverage containers and yield a variety of recycling services and solutions for our clients. Recycling the plastic and glass bottles is a major act to keep our environment clean and re-use the recycled material for energy conservation. We believe in our principles of implementing “green” services such as 3 R’s of sustainability that is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to save the environment from getting deteriorated. Recycling the material saves tremendous energy and cuts down pollution instead of using virgin materials in manufacturing. Recycling one glass bottle saves enough electricity to light a 60 watt bulb for four hours. Recycling beverage containers helps us preserve and maintain a clean and sustainable environment for ourselves and the upcoming generations.
Our mandate is to ensure that all the end of life products are properly recycled and not incinerated. We strive for excellence and are always dedicated to put our customers first. We are here to help people to recycle things more often to reduce waste and helping to tackle the climate change. We are actually giving people the tool to minimise waste and mange material resources responsibly at home, work, schools etc.

We have been recycling our empties using FIR Street Bottle Depot for years and during this time we have been very happy with its performance and the support. We’ve found it to be a saving grace not only for the environment but on time, space, noise. We would be happy to recommend FIR Street Bottle Depot as an effective and valuable system.
Dan Comeau
I really appreciate your efforts towards the step taken to secure the environment by recycling the bottles which makes a huge harm to our planet. You have an excellent service and satisfying facilities for your customers. It was a pleasure working with you as you provide the best solution for the removal of bottle waste from our firm.
Darcy Freeman

Why Us

Our facility is neat and clean and we use high-tech crushing technology and make use of energy efficient services as much as possible. We are the one with leading technology in the process of beverage container recycling. We strive to yield highest standards in recycling and help the environment by providing convenient and outstanding services for our consumers to return their empty glass bottles, cans and other beverage containers. We practice effective operating procedures, promising a pleasant, fast and hassle-free experience to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering a prompt and friendly service to our customers and encouraging everyone to be part of this noble act of preserving the environment by recycling the plastic and glass bottles, aluminium cans and other beverage containers.  We encourage our staff to provide well respected, committed and courteous service to our customers because we believe customer satisfaction will determine our future existence.


Bottle recycling is not only our business, it’s our mission. We operate the highest quality bottle recycling programs committed to the environment excellence. We recover the valuable raw material and optimize the value chain for our customers. Foundation on which we are thriving is that we ensure public health, environment quality and vitality by providing the best of our services in bottle recycling.


We are passionate to serve our customers the best recycling services. Our vision is to remain the reputed and recognized organization in the globe to inspire and challenge people to achieve the highest waste reduction and recycling goals.

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